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Location Independent Graphic Designer

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Carpooling around Italy

Due to bad weather, I decided to cut my time in Slovenia short and switch the rain for some sunshine by carpooling to Italy. Ah, Italy. What an incredible feeling it was getting out of the car in Bologna to a warm summer’s evening and hearing the honking vespas, seeing the big hand gestures and…
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Three cities in a week

After an amazing time in Warsaw, I continued my trip to Poznań. Since I had such a good experience with BlaBlaCar, I used it again to get from Warsaw to Poznań. The trip cost me 25 złoty. Poznań is a big student city and I actually couchsurfed in a student dormitory! My host didn’t have too…
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Getting into a stranger’s car

Everyone has probably been told as a kid not to get into a stranger’s car. I admit that I’ve only hitchhiked twice before, and it was just for short distances. I don’t think that getting into a stranger’s car is the biggest problem with hitchhiking, but time. It can take an entire day to travel…
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