Spring in beautiful Barcelona

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My list of places to visit is incredibly long, but Barcelona has always been quite high on that list. My mother Eila has also had it on her (much shorter) list so I invited her to come along when I headed to Barcelona in early May.

The biggest department store in Finland, Misoprostol online sale without prescription, has a huge sale twice a year. While I don’t enjoy the mass hysteria regarding the things they sell, I appreciate the cheap flights on offer. They’re direct flights with Finnair, and for European flights the prices are usually 100-200 euros cheaper than regular prices. This spring, a round trip flight from Helsinki to Barcelona cost 199 €.

I don’t like staying in hotels because they are usually impersonal and not good value for money. There are many websites where people offer their own apartments as holiday rentals, such as buy Misoprostol australia no prescription, buy Misoprostol without prescription australia, buy cheap generic Misoprostol online canada pharmacy no prescription, buy Misoprostol without a percsription and buy discounted Misoprostol online. For our stay in Barcelona, we booked an apartment through Housetrip. A huge apartment with three bedrooms and two bathrooms cost 480 € for six nights.

The apartment was amazing and the location the best. The apartment was situated in Sant Andreu, a 20 minute metro ride from the city centre. I really enjoyed this neighbourhood, it had a true Catalan feel to it. I love staying in suburbs because there are no tourists around and you get a more authentic feel of the city. I can warmly recommend this neighbourhood – it’s full of orange trees, colourful houses, vivid people, small shops and cafés. Literally no-one speaks English, which is refreshing in a touristy city like Barcelona.

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The view from our living room.

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A beautiful park in Sant Andreu.

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Many Catalans wish Catalonia to be independent – the Catalan flag can be seen hanging outside most balconies in Sant Andreu.

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The houses are so colourful!

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Orange trees grow on the streets.

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Beautiful wall just around the corner from our apartment.

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We spent many nights just walking around Sant Andreu taking in the ambiance of the neighbourhood.

Day 1 – A day full of Gaudí

Barcelona is renowned for the buildings designed by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí. On our first full day in Barcelona we headed to Casa Batlló, one of Gaudís most famous buildings.

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The facade of Casa Batlló is full of small balconies resembling skulls or masks.

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Entry to the building costs 21,50 € and it includes an audioguide.

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We started our tour of Casa Batlló on the Noble Floor.

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Terrace on the second floor.

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The whole house is so decorative, you could spend years there discovering every detail.

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Best part is, all the little gimmicks have a purpose. For example, the tiles in this staircase become darker towards the top, but the sun’s rays make all the tiles appear the same colour.

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There are four massive chimneys on the roof.

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Even the gift shop had some interesting details.

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There’s not a single straight line in the house!

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Casa Batlló is situated on Passeig de Gràcia. Even the tiles of this avenue are designed by Gaudí!

After getting our fair share of Gaudí we took the metro to Ciutadella Park.

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It was a sunny day and the park was full of people.

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Maybe I should change the name of my blog to Ammi’s Jumps…

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We continued our walk along small alleyways.

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Doors decorated with graffiti.

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Vespas are very popular in Barcelona. I heard there are more vespas in Barcelona than in Rome!

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We watched the locals live their life. And they watched us.

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Or final stop was Arc de Triomf, situated right next to Ciutadella Park.

Day 2 – Beaches and parks

Barcelona lies right on the Spanish coast, so on our second day we went to Barceloneta Beach to marvel at the Mediterranean Sea.

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Barceloneta Beach with W Hotel in the background.

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We continued our journey to Montjuïc, a hill overlooking the city. We visited the Botanic gardens, where some kind of micro climate exists – it felt very hot all of a sudden! I also heard this is the only place where cacti and palm trees grow in unison.

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We walked all the way up to the top of the hill.

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The views at the top were great, you can see almost the entire city from here.

Day 3 – Barcelona by bike and Parc Güell

There are more than 200 kilometres of bikeways in Barcelona, and as you would imagine, a ton of bicycle rental shops around the city. While Eila visited buy Misoprostol online with no prescription, I headed to buy Misoprostol over the counter. I rented a bike for 2 hours and it cost 6 €. Besides the bikeways, you’re allowed to bicycle on roads and sidewalks. Only the Ramblas are out of bounds for cyclists.

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On my way from the metro station to the bike rental, I walked past the beautiful Palau Música.

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I also spotted this café with some interesting local art above it.

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I started my bicycling tour along Passeig de Colom, a beautiful beach avenue lined with palm trees.

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I continued along another street towards the Gothic Quarter.

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This little guy was enjoying the summer weather too.

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Dogs and bicycles are common sights on the streets of Barcelona.

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The best part about cycling around the city was getting lost in small alleyways…

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There were fruit shops in the corners.

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The dogs really are everywhere!

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Right in the city centre of Barcelona you can find Plaça de Catalunya, a huge square filled with people – and pigeons!

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The cathedral on the left is the main sight in the Gothic Quarter.

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You can spot Gaudí’s work all around the city. Palau Güell is another one of his masterpieces.

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Plaça Reial. You can probably guess by now who designed the lanterns in this square…

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On my way back to the bike rental shop I just had to stop outside this building and go inside its sympathetic courtyard.

In the evening I caught up with Eila and we headed to cheap generic Misoprostol no prescription, another one of Barcelona’s symbols as well as Gaudí’s masterpieces. The entry to Parc Güell is free, but to enter the monumental area you need to buy a ticket (7 €). The ticket allows you to enter the monumental area during a half an hour time slot. Once inside, you can spend as long as you want in the area. As we got to the park around 7 pm, there were no lines and we only needed to wait for half an hour to enter the monumental area. Before that we had time to visit the surrounding park.

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The park outside the monumental area is well worth a visit with its fresh flowers and old viaducts.

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First views of the monumental area. Nice and spacious in the evening!

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The bench surrounding Plaça de la Natura is covered with colourful mosaic.

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Ammi’s Jumps goes Dragon Stairway…

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Halfway up the stairs, the Catalan Coat of Arms shines red and yellow.

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This dragon is the most famous sight in the park. Not sure why…

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At the top of the stairs you can find a colourful bench.

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Portico of Parc Güell.

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The whole park is filled with colourful mosaics made out of tile shards.


The monumental area is quite small and can be easily explored in a short time.

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One of the pavilions is painted a deep blue colour inside.

Before calling it a night, we checked out Casa Vicens, one of Gaudí’s first important buildings, located near Parc Güell.

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Casa Vicens is for sale! Just in case someone has an extra 27 million euros lying around…

Day 4 – Daytrip to Montserrat

After a couple of days in bustling Barcelona, we ventured out of the city towards Montserrat, a monastery up in the Catalan mountains.

The train from Barcelona to Montserrat takes about one hour. After the train arrives in Montserrat, you can decide if you want to head up to the monastery with cable car or scenic train. A round trip from Barcelona to Montserrat costs 19 € (including cable car or scenic train).

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You can almost see the monastery from the train station.

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We opted for the scenic train which takes about 20 minutes from the train station to the monastery.

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Looking back at the town of Montserrat from the scenic train.

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The monastery was founded over 1000 years ago.

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The women in the white shirts are choir members; a short concert is organized inside the chapel each day at 1 pm.

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Inside the chapel the adult choir performed, shortly followed by a boys choir.

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Views from the inner courtyard.

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In front of the monastery there is a massive terrace where you can sit and enjoy the views.

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Hundreds of years ago, pilgrims used to walk all the way up to the monastery! Luckily, nowadays there are several shorter hiking paths to explore the area.

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The views from Montserrat monastery down to the valley are magnificient.

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The cable car travels between the monastery and the town.

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Taking in the fresh mountain air.

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The monastery is pretty big, with only a portion open to the public.

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There are no proper restaurants at the monastery (just over-priced junk food and candy) so we headed back to Barcelona for lunch.

After eating lunch, we visited La Boqueria, a massive market in the centre of the city.

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The busy La Boqueria is situated on La Rambla, Barcelona’s main boulevard. Here you can find various food items for sale, from fresh fish to exotic fruit.

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Ah, the colours! La Boqueria can definitely be enjoyed with all senses.

Day 5 – Hospital de Sant Pau and Sagrada Familia

On our last day in Barcelona we went to Hospital de Sant Pau. A functioning hospital until 2009, it is now a major tourist attraction with its decorative details.

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The hospital is a classic example of Catalan architecture.

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Inner courtyard of Hospital de Sant Pau.

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Looking at the detailed decorations of Hospital de Sant Pau, you can really start noticing where Gaudí drew his inspiration from.

From the hospital we headed towards how to purchase isotretinoin, probably Barcelona’s main attraction and a symbol of the city. We had walked past Sagrada Familia previously but the lines were so long that we had not went inside. Now, around 4 pm on a Thursday afternoon, the line was really short. There are severeal different tickets, with audioguides, entry to the highest tower etc. Regular entry costs 14,80 €. Similar to Parc Güell, you are given a time of entry to the Sagrada Familia.

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Sagrada Familia’s towers reach high up into the sky.

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Sagrada Familia is known for being a never-ending work in progress. It does however have an estimated completion date of late 2020’s!

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The exterior of Sagrada Familia is extremely detailed.

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The exterior of Sagrada Familia looks quite strange in my opinion, but inside it’s one of the most impressive buildings I’ve entered. You can really tell that this was Gaudí’s pride and joy.

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Every pillar is a different colour.

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The altar of Sagrada Familia bathes in natural light from the massive windows.

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The stained glass windows create magical reflections all over the basilica.

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The interior of Sagrada Familia was definitely my top sight in Barcelona!

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Detail of the great doors. In the small square there are numbers – when combined in certain ways, they create the number 33, the alleged age of Jesus’s death.

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Another detail of the exterior decorations.

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Inner courtyard of Sagrada Familia.

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The basilica is huge – you can continue downstairs and wonder at this crypt, which also contains the tomb of Antoni Gaudí.

Our last night was topped off with a stop at Gràcia Latina, a small bar in the Gràcia neighbourhood where they organize free flamenco shows every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The dancer had so much energy, you could sense the passion in her every movement and facial expression. This combined with live music and song made it an amazing experience!

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Flamenco in Bar Gràcia Latina.

I truly enjoyed Barcelona, it’s a big and varied city so every day was filled with new experiences. There are many tourists in La Rambla and around, so I recommend venturing a bit outside of the city centre for a more authentic experience.

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I had so much fun travelling with Eila who – in addition to being an amazing mother – is definitely one of my best friends. Love her to bits! ♥

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