Couchsurfing in Tarragona

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Couchsurfing in Tarragona

On my way from Barcelona to L’ampolla, I wanted to stop along the way for a couple of nights. What I basically did, was just to look at a map and choose the biggest city in between the two, which turned out to be the old Roman town of Tarragona. The train from Barcelona to Tarragona takes about an hour and costs 5,60 € one way.

Since I had three nights in Tarragona, I decided to couchsurf. From my experience minimum three nights is ideal for both surfing and hosting. Anything shorter and you don’t have enough time to get to know each other very well! I was also staying from Friday to Monday, so I knew I’d have more time to spend with my potential host since people are usually busy working during weekdays.

I created an open couch request on Couchsurfing and received a handful of invitations, so it was super easy to find a host in Tarragona! I stayed in an apartment right in the city centre with my friendly host Elly and his lovely room mates Luca and Sara.

After settling down in my home for the weekend, Elly, his friends and I went walking around the city, sat in cafés and ate some tapas. The next day I walked around exploring the city.

On Saturday morning, a swapping market was organized on the square in front of Tarragona Cathedral.

I walked over this square…

…and back to the small streets.

This side street is lined with pillars, each one painted in a different way. Every year a festival is organized, where the pillars are re-painted!

These stairs lead down to the massive amphitheatre built in the second century.

I stopped by Tarragona Beach where I joined some locals for a picnic.

From the beach I continued my way back to the city centre and its colourful streets.

Rambla Nova, main street of Tarragona.

At the end of Rambla Nova you can find Balco del Mediterrani, a terrace on top of a cliff with great views of the Mediterranean.

In the evening I caught up with Elly and we spent the evening watching Eurovision at his apartment. I love that with Couchsurfing you can just live an everyday life somewhere else in the world!

On Sunday, Elly, his friends and I walked all the way to Pont del Diable, a massive aqueduct about 4 km from the city.

With Luca and Elly, my room mates for the weekend!

The narrow aquaduct is 250 metres long.

Tarragona is a good city for anyone interested in history. But since I had recently visited Rome, I might not have been so amazed by Tarragona. Still, it was a great place to visit for one weekend.


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